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Non-Members Upload

If you would like to have an image or images critiqued live on our YouTube Live Critique Sessions, you can upload them here.

Our Live Photo Critiques are more of a how to develop an image or idea further, than a purely critical eye.

For more than 14 years on Academy Mark Cleghorn has critiqued members images, and now we offer non-members to opportunity completely Free.

Please be aware that there is no guarantee that you photograph will be featured.

You should also follow any YouTube rules and guidelines to do with sensitive subjects and nudity.

Academy Members should still upload to the member only critiques.

Terms & Conditions

You Must be the originator of the image/photograph.

You must own the copyright to the image/photograph submitted.

No correspondence in connection with the Live Photo Critique is allowed either prior or post session.

The Photographer Academy accepts no liability with any comments made about the image/photograph.

All rights remain with the originator.

The Photographer Academy maintains the right use the image/photograph during the Photo Critique and the recording.

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