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What Makes A Great Photograph

Get honest feedback and advice on your photographs, plus get featured on our YouTube Series "What Makes A Great Photograph" 

Simply upload an image via this form to possibly get featured in one of our sessions.

What Makes A Great Photograph TPA Series

Terms & Conditions Apply

You must hold the full copyright to the image submitted

There must be no logo or name on the photograph submitted.

Images should be no smaller than 2500 pixels and saved no higher than a 7 jpeg.

By submitting an image for the review sessions you are agreeing for them to possibly feature in the session.

There will be no correspondence prior or post the review session.

Your image, if featured may be featured on The Photographer Academy Social Media. If if featured you will be credited based on the details of your entry form.

If a photograph is submitted illegally, for any reason, including copyright infringement, rights and permission of use,  medal release etc., The Photographer Academy is liable in anyway including any breach of copyright.  

> Images should be no larger than 5MB.

> Images should be max resolution

> Can be any crop composition

> Jpeg file format saved at quality 7

> The Photograph should have a title 

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