Talk Photography

We have been very fortunate to have photographers from all over the world join us on these exclusive Talk Photography webinars.

They share their work, stories, tips and tricks with us.

The F8 Series of Talk Photography

Members can watch the full recording of the F8 Series on the Members pages but anyone can watch live events or the first part here or checkout our YouTube Channel.

Next Sessions


8th - Anne Helene Gjelstad Talks Photography 

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22nd - Emily Hancock & Hannah Freeland Talk Equine Photography 

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8th March - David Gilliver - Light Painting

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22nd March - Mark Cleghorn - Speedlight Portraits

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26th - John Humphrey - Abstract Photography

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If you missed the live session, you can watch the first part of the Talk Photography F8 Sessions here

Legacy Talk Photography Sessions

Watch the full recordings of our Legacy Talk Photography Sessions Below.

Abstract and Art Photography with John Humphrey

Abstract photography presents images that do not have an immediate association with the object world. Instead, they use shapes, colours, and forms to achieve their effects.

An introduction to the magical world of Light Painting with David Gilliver

In this webiar David gives you a fairly broad overview which will cover his back-story (how he got involved in Light Painting), and we will also look at a range of work that he's created over the years using the magic of long-exposure photography. David will also introduce you to some of the tools that he uses to make his work. David also gives you an image-based tutorial which illustrates how the process works from start to finish.

A Step By Step Guide To Light Painting with David Gilliver

In this webinar David takes you on a more detailed look at things like camera settings, camera gear, and discuss how weather conditions can have a profound impact on an outdoor Light Painting shoot. David also shows you some of his latest work, and the tools he used to make it.

If you have never encountered Light Painting before, then prepare to have your minds blown :)

Beauty in Emotion with Jack Eames

In this webinar we will be joined by fashion, beauty and hair photographer Jack Eames. Jack is going to give us an insight in to his work from personal projects to his commercial work. Will tell us about working as a photographer in the fashion and hair industry plus tips and and advice in the business of commercial photography.

Creating Impact in Landscapes with Pete Rowbottom

"I will present some of my images from the UK and Abroad and talk about how I go about capturing these images, from planning, to shooting, equipment used, and how I like to process them. One thing I really want people to do is ask questions, I think the most will be gained from that as this is just my view and I'd like to answer any questions and help people wherever I can." Pete Rowbottom

Creative Portraits on a Budget with James Musselwhite

From Newborns to Wrestlers, a guide to shooting creative portraits on a budget. James is a photographer who photographs babies on weekdays out of his loft conversion in a terraced house in Portsmouth and professional wrestlers in backstage changing rooms at weekends.

Creative Storytelling with Light with Steven Neeson

Join multi-award winning Northern Irish wedding photographer Steven Neeson in this webinar on the importance of lighting in wedding photography. Steven will share his expert lighting tips and tricks as well as emphasizing why lighting is fundamental to successful storytelling.

Experiences of a news photographer in South Africa with Rodger Bosch

" Here is a look at 30 years of working life of a freelance news photographer, documenting South Africa’s change from Apartheid, to the difficult birth of democracy, to wherever the hell it is we find ourselves now? This is not what I signed up for! Is it? :)

Fabrication Of A Fashion Editorial – From Plan To Post with Clay Cook

Editorial Photographer Clay Cook will take you inside the concept of building a fashion editorial from the ground up. Beginning with the initial vision, to shaping a collaborate team, the physical production and post-production. And, of course delivering the final imagery to the client.

Just As You Are - Documentary & Lifestyle Portraits with Hannah Dougal

In this Talk Photography Webinar we were joined by documentary and lifestyle portrait photographer Hannah Dougal.

"I want to show you how I build a rapport with my clients, to allow me to photograph them in the way I do. Then most importantly, I want to show you why that imperfect image is just so perfect!" Hannah

Lighting for Drama with Michael Sewell

Creating more drama within an image, tends to create more interest. Whilst having full control over every aspect of lighting in a studio can enable you to create those dramatic images relatively easily; What happens once you move out on location? Automotive images is just one genre that can benefit hugely from a bit of added drama. Let me walk you through some scenarios. "Michael Sewell"

Lighting the Nude with Carl Grim

Carl will share his studio work with us and look in depth at how he lights his subjects to create his stunning images. Looking at the lighting and accessories use to create the images.

Planning A Location Shoot Abroad

Any shoot requires planning - a shoot away from the studio can require a degree in logistics. Shooting abroad calls for a PHD, as well as the ability to turn on instant charm and a healthy dose of serene composure. Using a real-life scenario from a personal project consisting of 5 days shooting in Rome, Jakob will talk through some of the common pitfalls easily avoided (and some less-easily avoided) when planning for your overseas photographic adventures.

Mastering Portrait Photography with Paul Wilkinson

In this webinar we were joined my Paul Wilkinson. In this presentation, I'll talk about the landmarks, the decisions and the images that have led me to where I am - and the lessons I wished I'd learned before I set out!

Minature Worlds - Macro Photography with David Gilliver

"Prepare to enter a world where stems of broccoli appear as large as trees, and Stormtroopers are captured during a typical day 'off the job'. David's colourful imagination will be on full display during this webinar, and he will discuss in detail both his inspirations and the technical considerations he makes when creating this work."

Mirrorless Cameras & LED Lighting with Terry Donnelly

We were joined by Terry Donnelly for this insight in to using Sony mirrorless cameras and Rotolight LED lighting. mirrorless cameras and LED lighting makes the technical side of photography much simpler, and provides a what you see is what you get experience. I will show some latest work, and the benefits I have found from adopting this approach.

Permissions, Trust, Access, and Opportunity - with Mike Goldwater

For this webinar we were joined by photo journalist, ducumentary photographer and film maker Mike Goldwater.

Photo stories, assignments and film projects have taken him to more than 70 countries. Mike was a founder member of the internationally renowned Network Photographers agency. Making images is his continuing passion

Personal Projects & Inspiration with Kevin Pengelly

In this webinar we were joined by Kevin Pengelly who will take you through his 10 favourite images and tells you the stories behind them along with any techniques he used to capture his images.

Shooting Fashion with Glenn Norwood

In this webinar Glenn gives you an insight into his view of Beauty and Fashion Photography - With a strong emphasis on the creative, Glenn talks about how he pushes his creative boundaries, capture unique images, pose models to achieve new angles, and edits his work to editorial standard.

Speed of Light with Richard Bradbury

A wise man once said "Choose job that you love to do and you will never work a day in your life." Richard has always had two passions; Photography and anything with an engine. During his career as a photographer he’s been lucky enough to work with several car and bike companies but it is only relatively recently that he started to actively shoot vehicles. In this talk Richard will explain how he approaches this technically demanding genre as well as a little bit about the business side of his work.

Street Photography - The Colours and Faces of India with David Krasnostein

Street photography is among the most challenging of the photographic genre. The photographer has to bring together all the technical demands of the craft with the creative and artistic - all within a matter of seconds. Practising this in another culture with its diversity of customs and traditions, and without speaking a common language, only magnifies the degree of difficulty. For those of us who find these sort of challenges fun, there are many lessons to be learned and shared.

Taking Photography & Film to new heights with Drone Technology

The Webinar aimed at all levels will cover choosing the right Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), basic aviation principles, aviation law, qualifications, insurance & taking your business to new heights! Sit back fasten your seat belt for a 40min, high powered, 'no nonsense' flight!

Double Exposure - Creative Concepts with Piotr

In this webinar we will be joined by portrait photographer and surreal artist Piotr Skoczylas. Piotr is going to talk about his inspirations and how he takes his ideas to finisedh image with an insight in to his creative process. Looking closely at his recent project “everyone has their own tree” which is a surreal visualisation of people stories and my own recent life experiences. Piotr will take us through the workflow from shoot to finished image.

The Art of Upselling Albums with Sanjay Jogia

Learn the art of upselling albums from multiple award-winning wedding photographer, Sanjay Jogia. Sanjay will lead you through his path of finding his individual style, and how harnessing that individuality makes his brand one of the strongest in the industry. Sanjay's "Evolve or evaporate" mentality has led him to create bigger and better albums and printed products for his clients, and he can help you do the same.

The Curl Talk Project with Johanna Yaovi

In this Talk Photography webinar we were joined by Johanna Yaovi who gave us an insight into her Curl Talk Project. Born in Paris and having made London her adopted city, Johanna Yaovi grew up and evolved in two of the most multicultural cities in Europe.

The Iraq Project with Clay Cook

Join us live on-line for this fascinating insight into Clays recent trip to Iraq documenting the work of an NGO helping the millions displaced by ISIS and the ongoing conflicts. From the in-depth planning and preparation, through to what it’s like to be on the ground, shooting in such an unpredictable environment, come get an insight into why Clay jumped out of the Studio and into the firing line to shoot this powerful documentary project.

The Model Interviews

Hosted by The Photographer Academy we bring you advice from the models themselves. We were joined by top UK models Zara Watson, Anita DeBauch and Elle Black and shared thier advice on how to select a model, how to book a model, what to pay a model, advice on prepping a model for the shoot plus the do's and don'ts of photographer & model etiquette.

The Studio Photographers Workflow from A-Z with Panikos Hajistilly

In this webinar we were joined by Panikos Hajistilly. He took us his through his portrait workflow, from capturing the images all the way through post production to the final images for viewing by the client.

Brett Florens - Destination Anywhere

During this Wedinar, Brett will take you through a few of the necessary factors of destination photography such as visas, finding assistants, transporting gear, getting permits for shooting in public places, what to pack, what not to pack and what to pack it in.”

Glenn Norwood - Fashion and Beauty Photography

In this webinar Glenn gives you an insight into his view of Beauty and Fashion Photography - With a strong emphasis on the creative, Glenn talks about how he pushes his creative boundaries, capture unique images, pose models to achieve new angles, and edits his work to editorial standard.

Ian Cook - Shooting Sport

In this webinar we were joined by Top photographer Ian Cook is going to give us an introduction to sport photography. Looking at how he got into sport photography and also an insight how technology has change sport photography.

John Hellström - The Science Behind Improving Photography

In this presentation John is looking at photography from a elite sport perspective, giving a different perspective to the traditional view of photography. Discover the general processes needed to become an expert in any area, and how that can be applied in photography. John will show general examples from research and make parallels to photography.

Retouching with Richard P Walton

Top photographer Richard P Walton will take you through retouching in photoshop. Starting with his top tips and tricks to take the image to the next level and will then look at the more creative techniques to create awesome images.

Dave Montizambert - Love Light and Laughter

In this informal webinar Dave Montizambert will talk about how he thinks and feels about light, that is lighting for photography. Dave will delve into how you can create a greater sense of depth in your images and why he is so adamant about metering even with instant digital previews.

Travelling Through Miniature Worlds with David Gilliver

Back by popular demand we have David Gilliver with us to talk us through his incredible miniature world macro photography. Plus we get a look into his latest macro project sharing David's ideas and creation of his awesome images taking his miniature figures travelling all around the world from his home studio.

Travel Photography with Dominic Byrne

Dominic is a qualified craftsman with The Photographer Academy and all of us here are huge fans of his work. We have invited Dominic to join us on this webinar to share his travel photography and he captures his incredible images.

What Makes A Good Food Photograph with Jonathan Thompson

In this webinar Jonathan Thompson gives an introduction in to food photography. Jonathan talks about where to start and get your ideas, the equipment for the job, how to get pretty shots of food, lighting techniques and restaurant photography a whole new world.

Why Tilt and Shift Lenses Are So Useful with Keith Cooper

Many think that tilt/shift lenses are just used for effects and the model-world look. This is but a small part of what tilt and/or shift can be used for in photography. Keith looks at their practical uses and how experimenting with them need not cost a fortune

Workflow to Fine Art with Audrey Kelly

Audrey wishes to share her years of knowledge on how she streamlined and restructured her everyday running of a successful wedding and portrait studio in order to fulfill her passion in other areas and projects. This free-mindedness allowed Audrey more thinking room and a chance to process new ideas as appose to being bogged down and distracted by the everyday routine of a photography studio.

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