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Stalybridge Photographic Club

Stalybridge Photographic Club

Established more than four decades ago to enable members to indulge their hobby in a friendly and supportive environment, whether they were experienced photographers or complete beginners. That guiding principle is as true today as it was at the inception of the Club in 1979.

Members of SPC are able to access our members′ vast photographic knowledge base and the Club′s photographic equipment.

The Club also offers instruction evenings, where more experienced photographers are on hand to advise and encourage newer or less experienced ones.

There are also various activities that take members out and about with their cameras throughout the year. We also take part in inter-club competitions.

We believe that we're one of the friendliest and most welcoming of clubs you'll find and our aim is to try to make membership a fun experience and a sociable one.

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Stalybridge Photographic Club

Based - Stalybridge St. Paul`s Cricket Club Gorse Hall Road Dukinfield SK16 5HN

North West England


Meets - Weekly

Club Contact - Mike Wheeller

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