South Manchester Camera Club

South Manchester Camera Club

The club was founded seventy years ago in June 1952 so we have been celebrating our 70th this summer with a number of celebratory events. We are continuing to follow the intention of our founder, Fred Veal FRPS, FRSA to encourage good friendship through photography.

Membership continues to bubble under 100. Currently at 86, with a significant and growing female and younger contingent, which we are keen to encourage. Prospective members are assured of a very warm welcome at one of our Monday evening sessions.

After two years of virtual meetings we want to rebuild the social backbone of the club and provide a warm and welcoming space for old and new members. Alongside this we want to focus on rebuilding for the next 70 years embracing the amazing technological developments in photography and give all our members enjoyable opportunities to improve their photography a click or two and keep snapping at the heels of those clubs who are only in it to win competitions.

Come along and join us for a warm welcome from like minded, fellow photographers.

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South Manchester Camera Club

Based - Didsbury with Barlow Moor Methodist Church, which is located on the corner of Wilmslow Road and Sandhurst Road, Didsbury, Manchester M20 5LR.

North West England


Meets - Weekly

Club Contact - Naeem Dean

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