Bridport Camera Club

Bridport Camera Club

There is absolutely nothing better than seeing a photographer at the peak of their powers ... witnessing someone take that pile of pixels and have it reflect, not just what the eye sees, but what the brain thinks and the soul feels ...

Well, actually there is one thing ... and that’s seeing someone slowly discover that voice within themselves. Here at Bridport Camera Club we’re all about trying to take that next step ... If we are all following the same rules and the same trajectory; then who is going to produce the image that none of us have ever seen before?

Here at Bridport Camera Club we are emboldened to produce work that means something to us individually, and to share it in an encouraging environment no matter how ‘off the wall’ it may - or may not - be. Come and see us ... we’d like to say hello and see what’s on your memory card ...

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Bridport Camera Club

Bridport Town Hall Bridport DT6 3NJ

South West England

Bridport DT6

Meets - Bi-Weekly

Club Contact - David Austerberry

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