The Masters

Mark Cleghorn

Mark Cleghorn is a photographer with a distinctive style; his images have won hundreds of awards including the Kodak European Gold Award 17 times plus being awarded 4 Fellowships.

Since 1992 he has influenced photographers across the world setting new trends and techniques and was one of the first to fully embrace digital. He now spends his time split between running The Xperience Group of photographers and as the Training Director of the online training company for photographers, The Photographer Academy.

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Sean McCormack

As a photographer Sean McCormack’s main interest has always been with people. He started out shooting bands in a live environment, and progressed from there to studio and back to working with lighting on location, mixing his passion for people with his passion for landscape and urban imagery.

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Kenny Martin

Kenneth has been a professional photographer since 1985 when he opened his first studio in the heart of the Scottish Borders. Although a general photographer for the first 10 years, he soon realized that portraiture was his passion and in the mid 90’s dropped everything to concentrate exclusively in portraiture. His specialty is natural light home and location portraiture and editorial portraiture and the past couple of years has seen Kenneth once again enter the highly competitive world of wedding photography.

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Nigel Forster

Nigel has always had a passion for the outdoors; the mountains in particular, travel and for landscape photography. He used to earn a living firstly as a Landscape Architect and subsequently the director of a community regeneration charity in South Wales.

On reaching his 50th birthday he decided it was time for a career change (otherwise known as a mid-life crisis!). Rather naively he thought he would make a living out of climbing mountains and taking pictures.............if only making a living out of photography was so simple!

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Michelle Whitmore

Michelle Whitmore is a photographer, who specialises in macro images of insects, abstracts as well as floral fine art.

Michelle's interest in garden wildlife and particularly macro photography developed while she was studying for her degree in Environmental Science with the Open University. Michelle found that photography played a large part in the way that she could record information about environments and habitats.

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Scott Johnson

Scott Johnson is an internationally recognised, award-winning photographer and founder of The Edge Photography. He is a global ambassador for Fundy Software, a SWPP Fellow, a Photography Master with the Photographer Academy, and a double fellow of BIPP. Known for being fun and energetic, Scott also travels the world as an educator and mentor.

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Simon Burfoot

Simon is the UK Sales Manager for The Flash Centre and has been in the industry for over 30 years. He has seen it from all sides having worked in the retail side of the photography sector, hand printing, processing E6 & C41 in a pro lab and was a wedding photographer for 20+ years. A qualified lighting tutor, he also runs his training company "The Light Doctor" providing 1-1 and group training sessions teaching studio and location lighting techniques for all genres. He also teaches regularly for The MPA, The SWPP & The Photographer Academy. He is an ambassador for Loxley Colour, Ricoh Pentax 645z medium format & Ricoh Pentax K1 DSLR Systems.

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Mark Seymour

Having established his reputation as a professional documentary photographer for over twenty years, working in association with Nikon as one of thier ambassadors, Mark has chaired the London Portrait Group, won awards and had his photographs published in various magazines as well as being displayed in galleries.

Mark has a commitment to transporting a couple back to their special day through his stunning photographs that document the real moments with all their emotive power as well as highlighting the details and personal touches that make your day unique. “It’s exciting for me to capture the feelings and emotions of a scene as it happens, leaving an everlasting image of a treasured moment”

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Emily Hancock

Emily Hancock FBIPP is a classical portrait photographer based in the heart of the New Forest. With over a decade of commercial experience, she has quickly become renowned for her beautiful photography and desirable fine art pieces.

Emily is also a highly regarded photography trainer, “I enjoy my work so much and my biggest reward is passing my expertise and knowledge onto the next generation of photographers”.

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Fiona Elizabeth

In the last seven years Fiona has become an Associate member with BIPP as well as the SWPP, for both her wedding photography and her documentary photography, after spending some time volunteering and photographing in the Jungle Calais camp. Early this year Fiona was extremely proud to have won BIPP Professional Photographer of year for the non-commissioned category, which she adds to her Gold and silver accolades achieved in the BIPP South East Awards last summer.

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Elli Cassidy

Elli Cassidy is a highly regarded specialist newborn, maternity and portrait photographer. She has been awarded Newborn Photographer of the year by the IPPN on several occasions and was the first in the UK to achieve an Associateship in Newborn and Maternity photography.

Having bases in London and Lincolnshire, Elli travels widely to support the considerable demands of her successful business. Her large and well equipped studio in Louth offers clients a unique experience and bespoke images.

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Deborah Selwood

Deborah Selwood is a UK based internationally published professional hair, beauty, fashion, dance photographer and retoucher. She fell in love with photography at an early age but for a number of years pursued a different career path with photography being merely a hobby in her spare time. However, her love of photography grew so in 2002 she went to study several photography courses at her local college. Since then she has taken the opportunity to study photography and retouching on an almost daily basis in order to hone and improve her craft through a mixture of online tuition, face to face tuition, 1-2-1 tuition.

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Robert Pugh

Robert is a fantastic wedding and portrait photographer along with being an expert in editing. Robert teaches and demonstrates on many of our training workshops specialising in urban portraits on the streets and wedding workshops.

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George Fairbairn

Since coming out of the service, George has turned his attention back to photography and is now a well respected advertising and editorial portrait photographer. George is known his powerful, story telling portraits. Specialising in advertising portraiture George has had the privilege of shooting advertising campaigns as well as promotional and commercial portraits for bands, musicians, and celebrities. Currently residing outside of Cambridge, George still thinks the English weather isn’t all that bad and has hopes of Cambridge United one day make it into the Premier League.

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Kevin Mullins

I’m a dad, a husband, a brother an ex-rugby player and a huge Johnny Cash fan!

I grew up in Wales. and although now based in gorgeous Cotswold town of Malmesbury, I shoot weddings right across the United Kingdom, and destination weddings abroad. I’m a genuine wedding photojournalist and social documentary photographer. I get a buzz when I see images that have emotion, humour and candour. A photograph to me, needs to show an element of humanity and I often say that I simply photograph “people being people”.

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Bjorn Thomassen

An acclaimed and decorated photographer, Bjorn has been sought after as a speaker, author and judge for over two decades. However, those credentials alone aren’t enough.

Bjorn’s contiguous passion for photography, his teaching skills and his devotion to the people he helps to reach their personal goals. These credentials are as significant.

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Wayne Johns

Wayne Johns is a London based Fashion, Beauty & Portrait Photographer & Director commissioned regularly for clients in the UK and overseas.

Wayne is best known for his crisp and emotive imagery, gaining international recognition as a 'master of lighting techniques' and his artistic approach, in both stills and moving image. ​

He is an Official Arri Lighting Ambassador and also a Fujifilm X Ambassador, using the X series and GFX series systems. ​

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Victoria Hillman

"I am a scientist by training with a BSc in zoology with marine zoology from the University of Wales, Bangor and an MSc in Wildlife Biology and Conservation from Edinburgh Napier University, photography for a long time was just a hobby.

This was an interest that was encouraged and nurtured by my family and teachers. In the years that followed I developed a deep understanding and passion for the natural world and knew that working with animals was the career path for me. Alongside my studies I began to develop my photography with the help of family, friends and teachers. This development is ongoing, learning more every time I go out with my camera and has blossomed into my own unique way of portraying the natural world.

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Stuart Bebb

Stuart is one of the foremost leading wedding photographers in the UK. He has dedicated his Career to capturing stunning photographic images for over 20 years. His stylish contemporary photography reflects on todays lifestyle which has lead Stuart to winning numerous photographic awards through out the years.

Stuart is a multi award winning portrait and wedding photographer not only in the UK, but also in the United States of America

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Ross Grieve

New Zealand born, Ross developed his passion for photography more than 20 years ago in New Zealand. He has since travelled thoughout the world expanding his photographic knowledge. Ross' photojournalistic style, captures the emotion of the day whether it's at a wedding, portrait or commercial shoot. He has been shooting this reportage style for over ten years and this has earned him several national awards in the United Kingdom. He has lectured in Scotland, England, Wales & Morocco. Ross is a qualified member of the Master Photographers Association and is a Panasonic Lumix G

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Paul Walker

Paul Walker Images comprises husband and wife team, Paul & Kathryn Walker. A blend of countless energy and dedication to delivering not just a consistent level of photography but also a high degree of customer service has seen the establishment of our photography business.

Multi-Award winning pet and dog photographer - Available throughout Scotland, the UK and internationally, our photography is devoted to capturing magical, bespoke images of your dog, cat, horse or other animals' characteristics in a style that reflects their own personality, no matter whether they are lively creatures, well behaved or 'pensioner pets' enjoying the later stages of life.

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Lisa Beaney

Lisa Beaney is Portrait and Wedding photographer based in Steyning, West Sussex.

Awards & Qualifications In 2010 the International Aperture Awards Lisa ranked 16th worldwide in their People and Portraits category.

Lisa has received Gold awards in Contemporary Wedding Photography, Bridal Portraiture, Children’s Portraiture and Fine Art Photography.

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Jeremy Nako

Jeremy Nako is one of the UK’s leading Event Photographers. He’s been very progressive in his photographic style and his business techniques which has brought him considerable success in the events market. He offers quality products to a diverse range of clients in areas such as charity and black tie events, school proms, corporate functions, weddings and sports tournaments. His business is 100% Events.

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Gary & Sue Williams

Gary and Sue run a very successful Wedding and Portrait business from their home. The husband and wife team have created their own magical way of creating a happy client and at the same time making a superb living from photography – which after all is not a sin but an essential skill in running a business

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Brian Worley

I have extensive knowledge and understanding of the Canon EOS system and absolutely love to share this with photographers of all levels. In 1995 I joined Canon Europe where I was one of a small team preparing Canon’s European operation for the launch of digital cameras and other imaging products in to the European market place. During my time at Canon I have been European Product Manager for photo products, and most recently Communications Manager looking after the creation of the revised CPS program and the CPN website. At Canon I have a reputation as the person who can convey complex technical ideas to audiences with a wide range of knowledge and understanding of the English language. After an amazing fifteen years service at Canon I have chosen to devote my energies to sharing my knowledge with photographers and image makers.

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Andy Biggar

Andy is very passionate about his job as a Dog Photographer and feels honoured to be able to travel the World photographing the most incredible dogs and meeting the most amazing people.

Andy is based in South Cheshire, England, and covers the whole of the UK, Europe, and the World. His travels so far have taken me to, Italy, Denmark, USA and Abu Dhabi with new countries being added all the time. Andy had been runner up as Dog Photographer of the Year two years in a row.

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Aka the head photographer round these parts. Khandie Photography came from a secret love of image capture. Now with my own photo studio here in Northampton I am very proud of all that I have achieved so far. The midlands is fabulous though I am forever travelling the UK photographing amazing clients.

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Rebecca Bathory

Finding beauty in darkness, poetry and meaning in the forgotten and surreal, imaginary worlds amongst decay. Rebecca's artworks breathe life into forgotten historical locations, they reawaken old narratives, find beauty and meaning in their ruin and revive the memories of lost moments in places tainted by the indigenous.

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Andrea Barrett

There can be no doubt that Andrea Barrett provides a unique service. She is, after all, a unique photographer. Having entered the industry some twenty-six years ago, Andrea has spent a considerable period of time perfecting her skills, style and technique, and the results speak for themselves. Andrea first made her name in wedding photography and holds the prestigious Craftsman of the Guild of Wedding Photographers qualification and has over 300 awards to her name, including "Wedding Photographer of the Year" four times.

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Michael Corsentino

Michael Corsentino is an award winning contemporary wedding and portrait photographer, Adobe Photoshop & Adobe Lightroom expert, author, speaker and workshop leader based in Northern California. Shooting digitally since 1999, he made his first exposure when he was 12 years old and hasn’t put his camera down since.

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Richard White

Richard is a freelance photographer who lives in Mansfield, Victoria in South Eastern Australia. He is A Fellow of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP), a regular judge at their annual convention and a past president of the Victorian Division. In 2003 he won the Landscape division of the Victorian Awards and received an Arts Council grant for overseas study. He is also a regular exhibitor of landscape photography and keynote speaker at photographic conventions.

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Victoria Grech

Victoria is an international female wedding photographer and film maker. Victoria is also one of the leading trainers in the world of DSLR video.

Victoria talks about her background and how she first got into photography and then how and why Victoria then decided to get in to DSLR video and the future it will play in the world of photography.

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Marko Dutka

Marko Dutka is a professional photographer based in Bath.UK. He has been a professional photographer for 17 years with the last eight based in a studio that provides images to fashion, portraiture,wedding and commercial clients. He is a Fellow of the SWPP and MPA and provides qualification judging for the SWPP. He also regularly lectures and has done so throughout Europe. His work has been extensively exhibited and published and he has won numerous photographic awards

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Nadir Khan

My photographic journey started way back at University in Glasgow when my dad gave me an old Canon film SLR . It didn’t last that long as I had a climbing accident and the camera came of as badly as my head. These days I take better care of my kit and I’ve been lucky to work with some great athletes and companies over the past few years. My work is split between adventure sports photography and filming work and while my background is in still images I love the extra dimension that film allows.

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