Nadir Khan

My photographic journey started way back at University in Glasgow when my dad gave me an old Canon film SLR . It didn’t last that long as I had a climbing accident and the camera came of as badly as my head.

These days I take better care of my kit and I’ve been lucky to work with some great athletes and companies over the past few years. My work is split between adventure sports photography and filming work and while my background is in still images I love the extra dimension that film allows.

The things that inspire me are great light, dramatic clouds, landscape and some cool action, whether its bikers, climbers, runners or kite surfers, being able to communicate the emotions that I feel when making the images is a privilege.

I use Canon camera bodies EOS 1DC and 5D Mark III along with L-series lenses as well as GoPro3+ and GoPro4. My Flashes are Canon 580 exii and Elinchrom Quadra RX system and PocketWizard radio triggers.

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