Aka the head photographer round these parts. Khandie Photography came from a secret love of image capture. Now with my own photo studio here in Northampton I am very proud of all that I have achieved so far. The midlands is fabulous though I am forever travelling the UK photographing amazing clients.

I didnt actually start life with this name but after a very successful career in the RAF, I left and embarked on a career in show business and thus came the name change. With sell out performance world wide and a few films under my belt, I started to indulge more in my passion for photography. My ever increasing collection of vintage collection of image capturing devices, it was not long before my work was being shared world wide. Published in fashion and industry magazines alike, I adore playing with ideas and concepts to create a truly unique representation of my beloved clients. Being a photographer gives me as much pleasure if not more than when I am on stage. I love that I am being referred to as the ‘rock n roll queen of photography’. Its a bit awesome if I can say that without the ego…nah!

Being a photographer is not simply about photographing those moments, its about finding them and preserving them for future memories. Whether I am photographing a society wedding in London or an intimate affair in Cheltenham, each approach is the same: about you, for you. I take a documentary approach to photographing events such as weddings, no stuffy posing and all about the highs and emotions of the day. Wedding photography is supposed to be about the couple, I make sure I melt into the background so you are as relaxed as possible on what is a very highly emotional day, so you can be the rock star on the day.

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