Gary & Sue Williams

Gary and Sue run a very successful Wedding and Portrait business from their home. The husband and wife team have created their own magical way of creating a happy client and at the same time making a superb living from photography – which after all is not a sin but an essential skill in running a business

Gary initially started the business, like many photographers almost accidentally, as a result of photographing his own two children and then being bombarded with requests from friends and family. It was not long before he could see a potential career ahead. One of the best bits of advice he was given at the time was ‘charge a price that really makes it worth doing!’ and that’s what has made the business such a financial success today.

Sue originally ran a hairdressing business and then started to go out on weddings with Gary, initially as a bag carrier but within two weddings was crying out for a piece of the photography action, with new off camera angles to capture different moments of the wedding day.

It was not long before both Gary & Sue had to give up their day jobs to fully concentrate on the business of photography – and the rest as they say is history.

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