Brian Worley

I have extensive knowledge and understanding of the Canon EOS system and absolutely love to share this with photographers of all levels. In 1995 I joined Canon Europe where I was one of a small team preparing Canon’s European operation for the launch of digital cameras and other imaging products in to the European market place. During my time at Canon I have been European Product Manager for photo products, and most recently Communications Manager looking after the creation of the revised CPS program and the CPN website. At Canon I have a reputation as the person who can convey complex technical ideas to audiences with a wide range of knowledge and understanding of the English language. After an amazing fifteen years service at Canon I have chosen to devote my energies to sharing my knowledge with photographers and image makers.

I first started in photography with 35mm film cameras and spent many years taking photos as an amateur photographer. Initially I shot a lot of motorsport photography on film cameras, learning the skills of taking great photos of all kinds of fast moving subjects. In the winter months I shot in a studio where learnt about photographic lighting, portraiture and model photography. In those days of film it was an expensive passion shooting more than five thousand pictures each year, digital has democratised photographic learning with it’s instant preview of results and zero cost for experimental frames.

Emma and Phil modelling

Emma and Phil modelling

High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire. 28 November 2021. Emma and Phil modelling. photo by Brian Worley

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