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Feel Good Friday's - You & Your Business

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8am - 8.30am UK

 Join Mark Cleghorn for his business breakfast sessions.

In the style of a quick networking session Mark gives you ideas as well as some tasks to help you develop on a week by week basis.

Sessions are recorded for our members to re-watch and download but join us for the live sessions to watch & interact for free

Completed Sessions

Members can re-watch as well as download the past sessions in the members area

> Believe in your self and your clients will believe in you. July 22nd

> Believe that people want to buy your Photography and they will. July 29th

> Find yourself and do what you love more. August 3rd

> The Portrait Experience Lasts Forever, a session last an hour!

> Increase their value and you will be valued more, and they will spend more. August 19th

Week 1 of 5 Ways To Succeed

1 FGF Believe U

Week 2 of 5 Ways To Succeed

2 FGF Believe

Week 3 of 5 Ways to Succeed

3 FGF Find Yourself

Week 4 of 5 Ways to Succeed

4 FGF forever

Week 5 of 5 Ways to succeed

5 FGF Increase

Feel Good Friday

for 13 weeks Starting 26th August

The 13 Steps

Over 13 weeks Mark continues to mini task you and your business, looking at ways to change and apply business practices and ideas to make you photography business better week by week.

The 13 Steps

Prepare for the future and we will succeed.


Shift your negative feelings about your business into more positive actions.



Prepare to fail and you will fail & Prepare to avoid failure and you should avoid failure.


How to Reset the Business if its not working right for you.


Plan your Client Experience from the very start


Keep more of your clients


Make money whilst you sleep


Shoot for show and doh and don’t apologies for it.


Clients never know what they want, so stop asking them.


Make a difference in your experience and reap the rewards.


Our best spenders are our best referrals.


Remember money spent is money forgotten so sell more vouchers with product inclusive.


There is no need to sell if the client Experience makes them want to buy.

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Feel Good Friday Business - Beer Mat Marketing

Beer Mat Marketing for your Business - starting on the 25th November


Beer Mat Marketing -    Planning to Launch                                                                                               


Beer Mat Marketing - Core Business Focus


Beer Mat Marketing - Products I love to sell


Beer Mat Marketing -  My favorite clients go here

New Recent Academy Exclusive Content For Members

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