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Academy Qualifications

The Photographer Academy Qualifications are used to acknowledge your skill level and status as a practitioner of the photography profession or as an activity or hobby.

Our qualifications are all based on the 7 Elements, Composition, Lighting, Exposure, Pose / Structure, Style, Story Telling & Postproduction. These same print judging elements are used in our live Photo Critique sessions.

Whether you are applying to get the level of accreditation itself or used to get an up to date portfolio review and acknowledgement, The Photographer Academy has a level playing field of assessment.

No matter who you are, where you are in the world or what you choose to shoot, the assessment is carried out in an honest and structured way to ensure consistency.

Non-members of The Photographer Academy can apply for Certification.

We Offer 3 Levels of Qualifications:

Certified – The First Level of accreditation and the fundamental professional level. An acknowledgement of the techniques and skills applied to your photographs or images.

10 Images Required

Craftsman – The Advanced level and acknowledgement of a higher level of skill and creativity being applied to your photographs or Image.

15 Images Required

Master Craftsman – Acknowledges a superior skill and creative level in your chosen specialisation of photography and submission. Our highest level of Qualification.

20 Images Required.

If your panel of images exceeds the quality and skill level of qualification submitted for, you will be requested to Resubmit at the higher level with the increased number photographs required without incurring any additional fee/s.

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Image Submission

>Each Submission is £75

Free to Full Members & only £25 for Affiliate Members

> Files must be no smaller than 2000 pixels and no larger than 2500 Pixels longest length

> No higher JPEG Quality than 7 or 8 is recommended to keep file size small without losing quality.

> Please note that a total upload of all the photographs submitted cannot exceed 19Mb

> You must submit first for Certification before Craftsman and then Craftsman before Master Craftsman.

> Within 4 weeks of submission, we will send you a brief written report based on your application and inform you of the Judge’s decision.

> Video reports are available at an additional Fee of £50

> If it is deemed that the photographs submitted do not reach the standards of the Certified Qualification, you will be invited to reapply within 6 months.

> If it is deemed that the photographs submitted exceed the standards of the Certified Qualification, you will be invited to apply for a higher level of Academy Qualification at no extra charge.

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