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This Website Contains Both Male & Female Full Frontal Nudity

The Nude


In this Film Mark Cleghorn shoots with the amazing model, Ella Ray, in a creative shoot that Mark has not shot for years. This one is the Creative Nude, in the box, a shoot where the model is placed within a Lastolite by Manfrotto HiLite Box with two lights entering the box from two sides, crating the ultimate Hi-Key Image.

Fine Art Nude - Dynamic Portraits

Learn how to create beautiful and power fine art images with Mark Cleghorn.

Create beautifully soft window light or dynamic hard light with these two simple one light setups. Mark Cleghorn demonstrates the power of controlling a single light to create dramatically different styles.

Shooting The Nude

In this webinar Mark Cleghorn Looks back at one of his favourite shooting days for The Photographer Academy.

During the years of the apprentice series on The Photographer Academy, we find the team shooting conceptual images in an old mill, however wrapped around other days where creative filming days, and it’s of these sessions Mark looks back on and talks about the images.

Venetian Nudes

Filmed live on location at The Academy Week in Ireland, follow along with the delegates in this in-depth series of films that take you from the basics to the creative of photographing people. From basic portraits, through Editorial, to Couples, Boudoir, Sports Physique and Nudes

Lighting the Nude with Carl Grim

Carl will share his studio work with us and look in depth at how he lights his subjects to create his stunning images. Looking at the lighting and accessories use to create the images.

Shooting Boudoir - Lingerie To Nude

Mark gives an in-depth introduction to shooting boudoir guiding you through his lighting setup and boudoir set. Here Mark explains his approach to the different lighting used within this style of shoots whilst showing you how to create variety in your images and making your client feel confident and empowered.

Small Boudoir Studio - French Boudoir Nude

In this film Mark Cleghorn continues his series on Boudoir in small spaces. This is a small studio space, created so that anyone could recreate these images, anywhere, any place. Today we are shooting a French Boudoir style of image, with inspiration from David Hamilton for the finished image.

Shooting Dance Nude with Jamie

After not photographing male nude for 10 years, Mark dives straight back in. Creating beautiful dynamic shadows to highlight the model’s muscle tone, Mark uses two Elinchrom Maxi Lite Dishes at the sides, a small Rotalux Strip above and the EL-Skyport to quickly change the light configuration; allowing Mark to experiment with a range of styles in a short period of time.

Alien Nudes

In this film we join Mark in the studio as he guides you through the history and technique behind his distinctive ‘Alien Nude’ style of photograph. Mark explains the how to set up the lighting and camera to achieve this simple but powerful effect and then develops it further by adding a colourful twist to the end of the shoot.

Skin and Ink

Mark takes advantage of having fantastic tattooed model Lauren in the studio to prepare for an up and coming project called Skin & Ink, based around Tattoo Artists and their work.

Rock Chick Boudoir

Mark shoots alternative model Lauren in the studio, using a vogue inspired lighting set up, to produce a fantastic & punchy Rock chick session.

Fishnet Fashion with Lauren

Mark shoots fantastic tattooed model Lauren in the studio in this evocative, alternative fashion session based around a simple fishnet Body stocking outfit.

Hard Light Nude

In this film Mark Cleghorn is out on location shooting hard light nude with Cassie the model for the day. Marks shooting with the Elinchrom Quadra Ranger kit with the ring flash accessory attached to his Canon 5D Mark II.

Implied Nude

This film looks at the Implied Nude. Mark instructs model Tia into elegant posing that implies the nude portrait. That is perfect for the client who wants to go beyond boudoir or implied topless.

Window Light Nude

In this film Mark Cleghorn is shooting window light nude in the studio, the model for this shoot is Raphaella who is a professional nude model. Marks set up is the Lastolite Hilite as his window light, have draped over some white netting to soften the light down, with a mixture of lighting and posing to create beautiful images sellable to the clients.

The Ice House Session

In this film you see Mark Cleghorn shooting with a new model in the studio were he goes beyond the basics when using a simple piece of kit combined with a self animating model.

Dance Project - Nude in the Studio

In this WOW film Mark Cleghorn Shoots Katie, a nude model dancer in the studio. Mark is shooting with very harsh lighting to emphasize the line and to exaggerate the pose. Mark introduces a piece of material that is used primarily to soften the images and to be used as a prop but also to show the movement and shapes that Katie is making.

Abstract Nude

Mark starts the shoot using on camera flash with the RayFlash Adapter to create an overall body lighting, then moves on to more dramatic Low-Key images using off camera flash with a two speedlite set up with honeycomb grids to help direct the light.

Fine Art Nude - The Church

In this film you get to see how Mark Cleghorn works with a new nude model on location at the PT4U Church using just natural light and a reflector. Mark initially discusses about working on location with a nude and how the natural light is his first option every time.

Creative Studio Nude - Projections

This session See's Model Lozie, one of Marks favourite classic nude models, creating abstract fine art nude portraits that have to be seen to be believed. Mark has been using this lighting technique on the nude since the 90's to create his alien nude images that make you take a second look at the image.

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