Creative Location Flash

Mark introduces you to the concepts behind getting advanced with your location flash photography. Guiding you through the key techniques that can be used to bring more impact and creativity to your location images. Mark explains the key techniques he uses to take control over his light when shooting on location.

Woodland Fantasy

We join Mark out onto location in the Welsh valleys as he shoots some amazing woodland fantasy portraits with two of our awesome models, Sorcha and Starling.

Editorial on Location

Shooting Editorial Portraits on location is a common scenario for any working photographer, so this is a set of skills you should look to master as soon a possible. Editorial is about he subject and their story, so learn from Mark as he teaches you how to light, compose and shoot fantastic images using just a simple two-light set-up. Learn to light and take control and then you’ll be ready to shoot those extra special images if an extra special opportunity presents itself.

Window Light and Location Portraits

When shooting portraits on location, even if you take lighting with you, it’s often best to keep it simple and just use available light within a scene. Often this is all you’ll need, with just a reflector to add a bit of pop you can shoot a fantastic range of images quickly and simply. If you then feel you need to bring in additional light, maybe your shooting a larger group, it’s then simple to add just what you need to create the image

Basics of Flash on Location

Mark introduces you to the concepts behind getting started with the basics of using flash on location. Guiding you step-by-step through the process of mixing ambient light with flash to take your location portraits to the next level.

The 8 in 1 Umbrella on Location

Mark introduces Lastolites versatile 8-in-1 Umbrella, and demonstrates a selection of the set-ups to create amazing fantasy images on location.

The Dark Side - Combining Flash and Ambient on Location

Recorded on location during a live workshop Mark guide the delegates and you through the process of deciding the role you want flash to play within your image and then how to achieve the desired mix of flash and ambient light. Using a single light Mark shows how flash can be used to dominate an exposure or how by balancing the power of the flash with shutter speeds you can introduce more or less of the ambient light to create knock out images quickly and simply.

Creating the Light and Controlling the Background

Recorded on location during a live workshop Mark guide the delegates and you through the process off how to introduce off camera flash into an image and how the final image guides the decision making process.

Fashion on Location with Elinchrom

Mark shoots male hipster fashion on location with the impressive Litemotive Direct softbox from Elinchrom. This enormous softbox helps Mark to create an almost sunlight quality to the lighting wherever the location and whatever the weather, giving him total control to create the exact lighting he wants.

Editorial Portraits - Natural Light on Location

Learn how to shoot editorial portraits on Location. Mark Cleghorn and the editorial apprentices arrive at their second location, this time shooting without Mark’s guidance.

Equine Location Portrait

We go behind the scenes on one of Mark Cleghorn’s workshops, as he seeks to push the photographer’s creativity on a not so familiar shoot.

Fashion on Location with Elinchrom

Mark gets creative and funky with this fantastic Gothic fashion shoot on location with the brilliantly versatile Elinchrom Quadra Ranger system.

Shooting Bands on Location with George Fairbairn

We join George out on location for the insight into his shooting process and how he creates his fantastic location portraits of musicians. For this shoot George took local band Florence Black down to the beach to shoot in sea. George explains how he tackles the unpredictable elements and his thought process when deciding on the shot, before heading out into the water.

4K Photography with Ross Grieve - Street Photography

Ross walks the streets of Cardiff capturing characters as they go about their day. Follow along as he explains and demonstrates his key techniques and the benefits of using 4K photography when shooting street photography. As Ross makes his way through the streets he demonstrates how he uses a smart phone to control his camera, to discretely capture strangers going about their business. Sharing his tips on finding locations, Ross demonstrates how to pick locations enhance your images before he wraps up with an overview of the day.

The Return of Jozzy - Location Portraits

Mark returns with further guidance for The Photographer Academy’s first apprentices John and Osy, as he helps them to further develop both their photography and businesses.

The series of films features loction portraits

The Editorial Apprentices - Natural Light on Location

Arriving at their second location shoot, Mark has arranged three models. Allowing the apprentices to adventure off and get creative with their session without an audience. For a chance to get more variety Mark and the apprentices are shooting in three different areas of the seaside location. The first area consists of a few clutters of trees and a small stream with a bridge.

Woodland Fashion

In this film Kenny has been commissioned by a retro dress shop to shop some promotional images for the shops website. The client wanted shots on location and in the studio.

In this film see Kenny work on location getting the variety of shots the client wants and changing locations to compliment the outfits.

Gothic Portraits on Location

We join Mark out on location in an abandoned welsh castle as he and the delegates shoot fantastic Gothic portraits with his brilliant muse Ryo.

Recorded on location during a live workshop Mark guides the delegates through shooting natural light portraits on location. Mark initially starts by explaining how and why he picks where he shoots when he arrives at a location, the light that he looks for and his choice of backgrounds.

Shooting Kids on Loaction

In this 2 part film of 2 young children being photographed in a woodland location you see Mark Cleghorn acting the fool to coax a laugh out of the children to create some timeless images in this natural environment and with only a reflector.

Urban Portraits

In this film Michael demonstrates how he shoots location portraits using the Canon 600EX-RT and its wireless trigger system to get the flash off camera allowing him the freedom to shoot from a variety of angles. He also highlights the importance of remaining flexible during a shoot and not miss those extra shots you might stumble across when out on location.

Urban Fashion

In this film Michael shows you how he uses ETTL to simplify his shooting workflow whilst out on location. Michael uses a long ETTL cable to show that this technique can work with any system anywhere without the need for expensive radio triggers. He also explains how he varies the amount of ambient light in the scene through shutter control to change the look of the image with one simple adjustment.

The Phoenix Shoot

In this film Michael we follow Michael as he shoots a series of edgy editorial portraits inside the visually spectacular Phoenix graffiti theatre. Michael shoots a range of images using speedlites combined with natural light, exploring a range of different looking locations within the theatre, each time looking to look for elements and composition to really draw the eye into the picture.

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