Fine Art & Still Life

The Fine Art Portrait

Mark Cleghorn dissects a shoot of a young client’s fine art portrait session in the studio.

Talking over the 4 different types of image and the slight differences in pose he explains the elements he tries to apply in a session to maximise the experience and the variety.

Academy LIVE - Fine Art - The Rose

In this film Mark shoots fine art still life in the studio. He demonstrates his approach to the lighting, set and styling and creates beautiful images live in the shoot.

Fine Art Creating the Set

Learn how to create a fine art photography set with master of light Mark Cleghorn. Mark Cleghorn guides you through the fundamentals of building an art fine set. Taking you through backgrounds, flooring, props, lighting and more.

Fine Art Photography - Small Studio Set

In this film Mark Cleghorn continues his series on Boudoir in small spaces. This is a small studio space, created so that anyone could recreate these images, anywhere, any place. Today, Mark creates a simple set out of almost nothing with the tools he managed to gather around him.

ICE PRINCESS | Creative Dance

In this Film Mark Cleghorn continues with an adaption of his Ice Princess Creative Dance series. The beginning of this shoot starts off just there with the model dressed in a dramatic Game of Thrones esque costume,

Fine Art Portraits - Lighting

Create beautiful fine art portraits with Mark Cleghorn as he demonstrates four easy to recreate lighting setups.

In this four-part series Mark will guide you through each setup, before shooting the session for real. Demonstrating how to get the most out of each set through lighting, posing, cropping and camera height.

Lighting Setups For Fine Art

In this 2-part series Mark Cleghorn looks at 4 different lighting simple setups to create variety in portraiture. 4 lighting setups, 4 simple sets and keeping everything as simple as possible to Maximise what you can achieve with the minimum amount of kit in a studio environment.

Fine Art Fashion - On Location with Elinchrom

Fine art photographer Rebecca Bathory shoots her distinctive style of gothic fashion on location, combining off-camera flash, art direction and smoke effects to produce unique and striking images.

Fine Art Wedding Portraits with Scott Johnson

in this webinar we will be joined by Scott Johnson and will be talking about his award winning Wedding portraiture. Scott will talk us through his thought process in creating the images, covering locations, lighting, pose and post production. Scott will also demonstrate the Fundy magazine maker software and how he uses it t design and produce beautiful promotional material for his possible future clients and ultimately increase bookings.

Workflow to Fine Art with Audrey Kelly

In this webinar, Audrey will share with you how she became more self disciplined, yet still kept her business growing and flourishing. a few simple time management tricks , that will make drastic change to the running of your business, your personal life and the importance of person projects. Audrey will be sharing formulas and workflow that will create a work life balance that you will love

Fine Art Equine Portraits with Emily Hancock

In this series Emily allows you to come on location with her as she works through and develops new ideas and concepts for her Fine Art Equine portraits. The importance of this type of concept development cannot be understated, going out and shooting your own work is essential to building a strong portfolio, either for building yourself a unique fine art collection or for separating yourself within the market to attract in new clients.

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