Also see film content from TPA master Deborah Selwood


In this film Mark shows you how you can utilise the exact same space within a studio (whether it be large or small) but create several different looks and feels to your images within. In this one Mark uses his beloved checked flooring in a way that it is not conventionally used as today it will be working as a background.

Academy LIVE - Ice Princess

In this Academy live broadcast, Mark brings a bit of creative to the session to inspire you all to pick up the camera and capture some images. In todays setup, Mark uses two lights, One being lit from behind within the Lastolite Hi-Lite background, bouncing off of the back of the background and drowning out the back of the image. The second Light that Mark uses is an Elinchrom D-LITE One that is sent up into the sky to give a more dramatic light and bring a more fine art look and feel to the final images.

Academy LIVE - Silk Shoot

Tune in as Mark teaches the key to lighting Female through using multiple lights throughout the shoot to achieve different results within the image. Mark teaches the technique, using a number of studio lights to show you the different results you can achieve from moving the light. Watch closely as the shoot comes to a close where Mark adds some additional elements into the setup to dramatically change the overall image and bring a more dynamic and specular look overall.

Academy LIVE - The Red Dress

Join us as Mark Cleghorn airs LIVE from Studio One of The Photographer Academy in Barry, South Wales. In today's film Mark shoots "The Red Dress" with the Academy's Lockdown Model, Kelsie.


In this film Mark Cleghorn shoots with the amazing Model Anna, shooting a film that revolves around backgrounds. Today Mark will show you two background and lighting choices that will completely change the look and feel to your images. When investing into backgrounds, you can go one of two ways, you can either go simple and easy by simply setting up a White or Black wall or you can take the second route with setting up a more stylised look. It is imperative that before you invest into these types of looks and feels that you really look into what works for you and the look and feel you intend on creating through your images.

Inspired: Marilyn Monroe Portrait

In this session Today, Mark is working within his Studio One Church Window with his model on the ledge of the window, shooting with flash to bring a light and bright tonality to his overall image. Later in the shoot, Mark then brings his model forward with the light coming from behind to give her the natural separation. So this film is all about controlling the strobe light alongside the natural daylight within the ambiance of the set as a whole.

Shooting in Studio with SMOKE MACHINE & LED LIGHTING

Mark demonstrates how to implement a Smoke Machine into your Studio Photography sessions while shooting with LED. Today, Marks sets up his studio for LED lighting, with a string of LED fairy lights fronting the image, alongside three LED Panels (Made by GVM). Here Mark explores a number of creative techniques to achieve different types of imagery within this setup.


Mark demonstrates how to effectively use hard light within a studio environment. Mark makes the point that not a lot of professional photographers utilize hard light within their portraiture sessions and this video is made to show that you not only can shoot some amazing images by just using one light but also you can achieve a lot more without even moving the light in use.

Speedlites - TTL on Location

We go behind the scenes with Mark on an unplanned shoot. As Mark has some spare time after a shoot and instead of sending the model home early they head to the beach to test out a few Yongnuo speedlites and their TTL capability. As well as bringing the lovely wet welsh weather, some gels and smoke canisters Mark creates some interesting images.

Fashion on Location with Elinchrom

Mark gets creative and funky with this fantastic Gothic fashion shoot on location with the brilliantly versatile Elinchrom Quadra Ranger system.

Shooting Fashion - Location Lighting with Elinchrom

Join Mark for this behind the scenes film of this dark and moody fashion shoot on location. Mark matches the drama of the clothing with a strong, visually dynamic urban location, to create strong, impactful images.

Glenn Norwood - Fashion and Beauty Photography

In this webinar Glenn gives you an insight into his view of Beauty and Fashion Photography - With a strong emphasis on the creative, Glenn talks about how he pushes his creative boundaries, capture unique images, pose models to achieve new angles, and edits his work to editorial standard.

Shooting Fashion with Glenn Norwood

In this webinar Glenn gives you an insight into his view of Beauty and Fashion Photography - With a strong emphasis on the creative, Glenn talks about how he pushes his creative boundaries, capture unique images, pose models to achieve new angles, and edits his work to editorial standard.

Beauty in Emotion with Jack Eames

In this webinar we will be joined by fashion, beauty and hair photographer Jack Eames. Jack is going to give us an insight in to his work from personal projects to his commercial work. Will tell us about working as a photographer in the fashion and hair industry plus tips and and advice in the business of commercial photography.

Classic Hollywood Session

Learn how to shoot Classic Hollywood-style portraits using continuous light in the studio. With simple styling, posing and well controlled light you can shoot great portraits using simple & cheap continuous lighting.

The Vogue Session

Go behind the scenes with Academy Head Trainer Mark Cleghorn as he shoots a real-life client who’s come into the studio for a Vogue-style portrait session.

Fabrication Of A Fashion Editorial – From Plan To Post with Clay Cook

Editorial Photographer Clay Cook will take you inside the concept of building a fashion editorial from the ground up. Beginning with the initial vision, to shaping a collaborate team, the physical production and post-production. And, of course delivering the final imagery to the client.

Fashon in the Studio with Robert Pugh

Rob takes you step by step through his setup. Explaining the purpose for each flash and how to use accessories to control and manipulate the light. Then putting pen to paper Rob demonstrates the setup, capturing a few images to display the effect of the light.

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