Academy LIVE - Creative Studio Flash - Motion Blur

In this Academy live broadcast, Mark brings a bit of creative to the session to inspire you all to pick up the camera and capture some images. In todays setup, Mark uses just one light as his studio flash which is positioned above overhead the model. Fixed onto the key light is a deep dish reflector which brings a sharp specular light to the image.

Academy LIVE - The Dancer - Speedlite Strobe

In this Academy live broadcasts Mark teaches how to capture great stroboscopic images utilizing Speedlites. Here Mark uses three speedlites in order to achieve his desired images, however Mark shows you how you can capture these images whether you have 1 light, 3 lights, 5 lights and beyond.

Academy LIVE - Tiny Dancers

Mark is joined by Tiny Dancers Marley and Ralph in Studio. In this one Mark teaches the Tiny Dancer shoot and how a shoot should flow in a studio space. Mark sets up a Three Sided studio, firstly shooting on a plain white wall and later into the shoot, moves into a more fine art style of shoot with more dramatic lighting upon dynamic dramatic backgrounds.

Dance on Location

Mark Cleghorn takes us behind the scenes on one of his inspiration workshops. As Mark and the group of keen photographers shoot a winged male dancer on the shores of Wales.

Dark Angel - Dance on Location with Elinchrom

Mark gets creative on location with the ELB400 Portable lighting system from Elinchrom, utilising these powerful and portable lights to create a striking series of dance images along this dramatic and imposing section of the welsh coastline.

One Light Ballerina

Master the art of one light and capture beautiful ballerina images with Mark Cleghorn.

Mark Cleghorn demonstrates how to capture a series of stunning ballerina portraitures, with a single flash. Learn how to create a large controllable window light and light up your clients world. Within this series of films Mark will also guide you through a variety poses perfect for ay clients wall.

Shooting Dance - Capturing the Moment

Mark discusses how he operates within his Dance Shoots using Studio One's dedicated Dance Wall. Dance photography in itself is a creative movement and as a photographer you must be adaptable to the type of dance.

Shooting Dance - Dramatic Lighting

Bring drama to your Dance Photography with dramatic lighting. Mark Cleghorn demonstrates how to shape and position your flash to create dramatic images.

Mark takes you through a variety of light modifiers giving a side by side comparison of their effects. Then he demonstrates how the position of the light to the subject can greatly affect the look of the image.

The Dance Project

Learn how to get the most from new models; Mark demonstrates his approach when working with new talent. While sharing his key techniques for lighting male dance.

*You can watch the 2 parts in this series of the Male Dancer  in our Nude Section, as it features full frontal male nudity*

The Dance Project - Freestyle The Bridge

In this film we join Mark on location with fantastic dancers, Dan & Eloise, as together they create a unique take on street fashion by adding freestyle dance to create strong, moody images with a powerful sense of movement.

Ice Princess - Creative Dance Photography

In this film Mark Cleghorn talks getting creative within your studio sessions. Mark is a strong believer that you must always leave time at the end of your sessions to have some fun and get creative with your photography and you will be surprised with some of the images you capture as you let loose and find alternate ways to capture some amazing looking imagery. In this one Mark shoots the ICE PRINCESS with Model, Natalia, a dancer/actor

DANCE PHOTOGRAPHY: Creative Material with Fans

In this film Mark Cleghorn joins you in studio one with a powerful three light setup, playing with some material alongside a set of fans that will be used to blow the fabric high up into the air as the Model/Dancer does her thing to flow with it and get into some amazing poses. This film is perfect if you are looking to get creative with your dance photography, with valuable information on lighting, posing and session flow.

Ballet with Dan the Dancer

In this live practical presentation at Focus see Mark capture ballet with Dan the Dancer . See how Mark captures the pose and also flight to create stunning dynamic images.

Street Dance with Dan the Dancer

In this live practical presentation at Focus wee Mark capture awesome images with Dan the dancer. See Mark capture the action and create great images as Dan creates fantastic poses and flight with his street dance moves.

The Dance Project - Dancing in the Streets

In this film Mark takes two dancers out on location for the next shoot of his dance project. Using a 2 light set-up combined with natural light Mark takes traditional ballet to the streets of South Wales using an everyday high street location to create high impact images with a twist. Mark initially utilises a few simple props to bring a fantasy styling to some of the shots before really upping the energy to produce some amazing height and flight images with the dancers, both individually and together.

The Dance Project - The Robots

In this film we join Mark in the studio with a couple of brilliant dancers, Dan & Eloise, as together they create some amazing theatrical style images for Marks ongoing Dance project. Using a combination of long and wide lenses, with strong impact lighting Mark shoots a fantastic variety of surreal images to inspire your creativity and show how even simple styling and props can really take a shoot to the next level.

The Dance Project - Height Flight and Maternity with Louise

In this film Mark shoots Louise a contemporary dancer who is studying to be a dance teacher and the big difference in this shoot is that Louise was also six months pregnant.

The Dance Project - Movement and Shape with Megan

In this film Mark shoots Megan who is studying contemporary dance. In this film we are looking at movement and shape.

The Dance Project - Height Flight with Miriam

In this film Mark shoots Miriam a ballet dancer who can get great height so in this test shoot Mark shows hoe to capture movement and then towards the end do something a little different.

The Dance Project - The Tap Trio

In this series of films we see Mark shooting images on a new personal project on dance. Over a few months Mark shot several test shoots with different dancers.

In this film Mark shoots a fabulous tap trio.

Dance Project - Nude in the Studio

In this WOW film Mark Cleghorn Shoots Katie, a nude model dancer in the studio. Mark is shooting with very harsh lighting to emphasize the line and to exaggerate the pose. Mark introduces a piece of material that is used primarily to soften the images and to be used as a prop but also to show the movement and shapes that Katie is making.

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