Photoshop CC - Workflow

Flow through your Photoshop CC workflow. With 30 years of professional Photography experience, Mark Cleghorn has truly mastered his post production workflow. Join Mark as he demonstrates his full workflow of a shoot.

Workflow of a Session

This film series is based on a real session workflow and how you can go from download to client viewing within 60 minutes, including all the elements that you need to present to a client, including Images, Digital App, Video slide how & Album design.

Basic Image Workflow for Hi-Key Boudoir

This film looks at a basic Camera RAW workflow in Bridge & ACR to finish Hi-Key boudoir portraits ready to view.

The flow includes a step by step to understanding on what and why to adjust in the RAW file before processing to jpeg.

This film is perfect for a quick fix viewing without the process of Photoshop. This flow does not include softening or liquify techniques as this would rely on a photoshop fix being added after process.

Wedding Workflow in Lightroom

Lisa guides you through her workflow process for a full wedding, showing you how she organises, edits and produces finished images for a wedding within a matter of hours.

In this series Lisa takes you step by step through her Lightroom Wedding workflow process, right from importing from the card to exporting finished Jpegs. Lisa shows how a good workflow is the key to processing a wedding quickly and minimising time in the edit.

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