Using Text

Photoshop CC - Artboards

The Artboard allows you to see the spread of the whole design at once whilst making each page of the artboard full workable in the same wat as a normal document with masses of multiple layers.

Photoshop CC - Text On A Path

This Photoshop film shows you how to create an accurate round text on a path, perfect for logos and proof stamping.

Photoshop CC - Word Art For Social Media

Ever wanted to create quick word cloud graphics to use in your images or as quick social media fun, then this is the film.

Word Cloud graphics are old school in web design, but they are current in social media use. These simple but effective graphics can be used by themselves or as overlays on images.

In this getting started film, we look at creating fast graphics and words to use for impact.

Photoshop CC - Word Art Social Media Poster

Get creative with the low-res free word cloud images to produce an eye-catching social media graphic for business or for fun.

This step by step process guides you through all the production and creative process, including:

Layers, Blend Modes, Colour Adjustment, Masking and cropping as well as Smart Objects, groups and Filter Blur

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