Pre Sets, Actions & Brushes

Photoshop CC - Brush Settings & How to setup a Brush

Take the time to understand how to setup and use the power of the Brush settings in Adobe Photoshop and your retouching and painting skills will explode.

Photoshop CC - Create Your Own Watercolour Brush

To create a simple water colour styling to your photography can be made simple if you think like an artist in the post production, whether it is for creative painting or simply to add a watercolour effect mask to your image or overlay.

Photoshop CC - Refine Edge Brush in Select and Mask

In a follow up film to the Remove Background technique, Mark shows you how to refine the selection a little for a better quick selection for the likes of hair & fur.

Photoshop CC - The Tilda Or Back Quote Key When Using A Brush

In this film Mark Cleghorn shows you how and when to use the Tilda (USA Keyboard) Key or the Back Quote (UK & Euro Keyboard) for creative erase.

This is one of those films where you will say I never knew that!

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