Photoshop Quick Tips

Photoshop CC - Creating A Gif

Learn how to quickly create a giff animation in photoshop. In this film Mark shows you how to create a quick giff animated file and then using the same album layouts a more dynamic and visual giff.

Topics covered: Scripts, Export, Marque Tool, Laters, Stacks, Time Line, Adding frame from layers, Timming, Exporting file and saving

Photoshop CC - Creating Gif Animations

Creating a simple web animated gif is a great way to bring interaction on movement to both social media content and a web page. In this film we take you step by step in the production and output via the Export for web option in Photoshop.

Content includes: Crop, Free Transform, Deleted cropped pixel option, Timeline, Layers, Layer Adjustment, Hue & Saturation, Saving and Export For Web Gif

Photoshop CC - Hue & Saturation Colour Pop

Ad a more colour pop using simple but effective techniques using the Hue & Saturation Adjustment Layer or a Vibrance Adjustment Layer.

Mark also shows you how to change colour quickly using the Hue & Saturation selective colour for dramatic effect.

How to use: Hue & Saturation Adjustment Layer, Vibrance & Saturation Adjustment Layer, Camera RAW Adjustments – HSL, Curves Adjustment Layer and Layer Mask

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