The Clock & Compass

Clock and Compass Parts 1-9

In this film Mark Cleghorn explains his Clock & Compass lighting techniques, an easy to follow system to guarantee amazing images when using studio or portable flash. Using images from his new book "All About Flash" - Making the most of accessory flash units with your DSLR, along with his Clock diagrams you will simply grasp the concept allowing your to shoot far more dramatic images as well as perfecting the classic lighting patterns.

Academy LIVE - The Clock & Compass

Mark teaches the key to lighting positioning, learn everything from how and where to position the light in order to achieve the best results for the image you are looking for. Mark lives by the idea that every light should be used to do one job and one job only. Watch as he teaches where to position your lights around the figurative "clock" in order to produce high quality, dynamic images.

The Clock and Compass

Learn how to master the basics of studio lighting. In this film Mark Cleghorn will implement his clock and compass lighting technique and highlight how easy it can be to set your lighting correctly and in turn create great imagry straight out of camera.

The Editorial Apprentices - The Clock and Compass

Now the apprentices are little more comfortable with off camera flash, Mark teaches them how to easily break down lighting with his clock and compass diagrams.

Mark takes you through his clock and compass guide to lighting. Enabling anyone to quickly and easily create a variety of lighting styles from the classic sellable image to the dramatic and impactful images. Covering 1, 2 and 3 light setups, so whether you’re a beginner or pro looking to take your photography to the next, there in something to learn.

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