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Lighting on Location

You can find more Location content in the Portrait on Location Section

Speedlites - TTL on Location

Armed with a camera, speedlites and smoke canisters Mark Cleghorn heads to the beach to test out the TTL capabilities of the Yongnuo speedlites. We go behind the scenes with Mark on an unplanned shoot. As Mark has some spare time after a shoot and instead of sending the model home early they head to the beach to test out a few Yongnuo speedlites and their TTL capability. As well as bringing the lovely wet welsh weather, some gels and smoke canisters Mark creates some interesting images.

Portraits after Dark - Introduction to the Cactus RF60 and V6

We join Mark in the studio as he takes you through the features and use of Cactus systems brilliant Speedlites and Transceivers to help make using Speedlites off camera quicker and easier than ever.

Portraits after Dark - Mixing Ambient and Flash

Mark demonstrates how to set up great Night portraits using off-camera flash on location. Mark shows how by minimising flash power and correct use of shutter control you can utilise a locations ambient light to really add that extra difference to your images, rather than totally dominating the image with too much flash.

Editorial Portraits on Location We join

Mark and the Apprentices on location at Cardiff Bay as Mark demonstrates how easy and simple Cactus Speedlite systems make setting up off camera flash portraits.

The 8 in 1 Umbrella on Location

Mark introduces Lastolites versatile 8-in-1 Umbrella, and demonstrates a selection of the set-ups to create amazing fantasy images on location.

The Dark Side - Combining Flash and Ambient on Location

Recorded on location during a live workshop Mark guide the delegates and you through the process of deciding the role you want flash to play within your image and then how to achieve the desired mix of flash and ambient light. Using a single light Mark shows how flash can be used to dominate an exposure or how by balancing the power of the flash with shutter speeds you can introduce more or less of the ambient light to create knock out images quickly and simply.

Creating the Light and Controlling the Background

Recorded on location during a live workshop Mark guide the delegates and you through the process off how to introduce off camera flash into an image and how the final image guides the decision making process.

Fashion on Location with Elinchrom

Mark shoots male hipster fashion on location with the impressive Litemotive Direct softbox from Elinchrom. This enormous softbox helps Mark to create an almost sunlight quality to the lighting wherever the location and whatever the weather, giving him total control to create the exact lighting he wants.

Fashion on Location with Elinchrom

Mark gets creative and funky with this fantastic Gothic fashion shoot on location with the brilliantly versatile Elinchrom Quadra Ranger system.

Shooting Bands on Location with George Fairbairn

We join George out on location for the insight into his shooting process and how he creates his fantastic location portraits of musicians. For this shoot George took local band Florence Black down to the beach to shoot in sea. George explains how he tackles the unpredictable elements and his thought process when deciding on the shot, before heading out into the water.

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