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The Wedding Business

Finally get your wedding photography business up and running with these 3 tips from photography business guru Mark Cleghorn.

A Client For Life with Kevin Pengelly

In this webinar with award-winning wedding photographer Kevin Pengelly. Kevin will share his tips and tricks on how you take your wedding clients to family portrait clients for life. After Kevin’s football career was cut short due to a serious pelvic injury (Norwich City ) he turned to his other passion in life which was photography.

How to Build Clients and Maximise Profits in Weddings and Portraits.

This talk from Steven Neeson will be a masterclass on how to successfully fill your diary as a wedding or portrait photographer and how to maximise profits. Steven will go through his strategy step by step and show you how he uses it in his own business. You will learn how to market to your customer base, how to secure each sale and how to maximise profits without coming across as a pushy sales person.

How To Book 5-Figure Weddings with D’Arcy Benincosa

If you’ve been wanting to build a luxury brand but have been confused on how to do it, dive deep with D'Arcy as she shares the DO’s and DON’Ts of portfolio curation for photographers. She's talking through what it took for her to break through the six figure glass ceiling and how you can build a thriving business that will sustain the life you were meant to live.

Make More Money With Albums

in this webinar we were joined by Scott Johnson and he talked about his award winning Wedding portraiture. Scott talks us through his methods of making more money with album sales. Scott also demonstrated the Fundy software and how he uses it t design and produce beautiful albums in no time to ultimately make more profit.

The Art of Upselling Albums with Sanjay Jogia

Learn the art of upselling albums from multiple award-winning wedding photographer, Sanjay Jogia. Sanjay will lead you through his path of finding his individual style, and how harnessing that individuality makes his brand one of the strongest in the industry. Sanjay's "Evolve or evaporate" mentality has led him to create bigger and better albums and printed products for his clients, and he can help you do the same.

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