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Monthly Photo Competition Starting May 2022 - Upload an image or images during the month that represent the monthly theme.

The Winning image/s will get featured across our Social media and website plus go into the end of year, "Academy Photographer of the Year" Judging.

Upload links will be live from the start of each month.

Upload Gallery Closes on the 30th.

Judging results will be announced on our Facebook page by the 12th of the month.

Our Monthly Competitions are only open to Academy Members & Academy Affiliate Members.

You Can join for as little as £30 for a whole year.

Member Info Here

Topic based Themes 2022

May - "Traditions"

June - "Grey"

July - "Fusion"

August - "Me, Myself & I"

September - "Album Cover"

October - "Gold"

November - "Motion"

December - "Inside Out"

Non Members Can Enter Our Monthly Photo Comp Here

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